Gautier Rebetez

Graphic designer

Rebetez Gautier, 25, was born in Delémont. After his commercial professional maturity, he join the Professional School of Contemporary Arts (EPAC) (based in Saxon) in 2009. He successfully completed his formation in 2013 and earned a European Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in visual communication and illustration.

Just graduated, he performs a one-month internship at the Jura Museum of art and history in Delemont.

Then, to gain more experience, he goes to work six months in Paris in the UGOP association with the Eurydice internship program.

Both professional experience in graphic design allow it to validate its achievements and to use its creativity to develop concrete communication projects.

Gautier is also active as a painter and illustrator; he exhibits regularly in Switzerland and made a few freelance mandates.